Instructions As new illnesses, conditions, diseases, technology or approaches to


As new illnesses, conditions, diseases, technology or approaches to treatment are discovered and/or used in healthcare we often create new policies to accompany them. Policies are typically enacted to prevent situations from becoming worse and oftentimes to improve outcomes. Some policies are implemented on a national level while others only apply to specific states.

Conduct research within the state that you live (MINNESOTA) and find a healthcare policy that has been implemented within the last 20 years. Write a 4-5 page paper on that a healthcare policy (ex. Nursing home reform, ambulance transportation, etc.). Think about how this policy impacts your role and the roe of your organization. Be sure to include the following:

  • Discuss the purpose of the healthcare policy or reform and the gap it was created to fill. Provide the name of the policy or reform and any qualifying measures.
  • As you think about your state, explain how the policy is beneficial to the people it serves. Share whether it meets the expectation it intended to.
  • Include any data that is relevant to showing improved outcomes as a result of the policy and whether it is effective.
  • Explain different viewpoints or opposing viewpoints to the policy/reform. Explain why it was opposed.
  • Use audience-specific language
  • Include information that can be extracted and used as a guide that addresses specific questions your organization/staff will need to know.
  • Use 3 credible sources, with 2 being from the Rasmussen College
  • Include in-text citations where appropriate.
  • Use an APA formatted reference page

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