Please take the time to read the attached ‘Clarification’ document


Please take the time to read the attached ‘Clarification’ document which explains the difference between Weeks 1-3 SQL Check Assignments (grading and feedback) vs Week 4-6 SQL assignments.

 The directions for both deliverables are in the attached document.

  • The first deliverable guides you to produce a Word document with SQL code and screenshots of execution.  You will attach that here.
  • The second deliverable, Week 1 SQL Check Mythical Creatures I, is verification of your SQL results using our automatically graded online.   

In order to earn full credit, you MUST do them both!   Note if the first deliverable, the submitted Word document is incomplete, your posted grade for the Week 1 SQL Check will be modified.  You should consider that a complete Word document, with SQL queries and screenshots is 50% of your grade on this assignment.

In this Week 1 assignment, we introduce you to a single-table database.  It requires you to

  • download and run an SQL script to set the database upon your work area
  • write and execute several SQL queries to demonstrate mastery

Attached to this assignment is the Word document containing your instructions, plus a script (“MythicalCreatures.sql”) containing instructions your computer will need to create the database so you can do this week’s assignment.  

In other tutorials this week, you use the Khan Academy website to work through tutorials, create databases and queries, and test code.  In this assignment and in other assignments in the course, we’ll be using a different website called

Instructions for how to access, create a database, run queries and check output of the queries are found in the attached file Setting_Up_SQLiteonline_com.docx.  Those instructions will provide information on how to take snippets of your output to cut and paste into Word for submission.

If you have questions, ASK.

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