1 Workplace health and well-being are increasingly of interest to


Workplace health and well-being are increasingly of interest to organizations. I/O psychologists are finding innovative ways to research constructs in health and well-being as well as evaluate programs (Sinclair, Wang, & Tetrick, 2013). Review the scholarly literature to find current trends in research related to workplace stress and worker well-being. For this discussion, describe one of these trends and its effects on organizations and workers. Include the following in your description:

  • A summary of the trend.
  • Your view of this trend as a positive or negative in the body of research on workplace stress management.

Cultural diversity in organizations has increased in the 21st century both domestically and through the expansion of organizations internationally. For your initial discussion post, complete the following:

  • In your Work in the 21st Century text, read “Cross-Cultural Issues in Motivation” in Chapter 8 and “Cross-Cultural Studies of Leadership” in Chapter 12.
  • Describe the leadership approach you consider best to lead and motivate a diverse workforce and provide support for your choice.
    • Explain why you consider it to be the superior approach.

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