● Reading: o Chapter 13: Advanced Topics in Business Strategy

● Reading:  

o Chapter 13: Advanced Topics in Business Strategy

o Chapter 14: A Manager’s Guide to Government in the Marketplace

Activity — At least 3 pages of content (including Introductory paragraph and a conclusions section, excluding graphs, title page, reference page, and the appendix section), and 3 peer-reviewed references are required by professors.  Course Learning Outcomes: Evaluate and present the economic basis for limit pricing, and identify the conditions under which a firm can profit from such a strategy.

Between 1995 and 1997, American Airlines competed in the Dallas/Ft. Worth Airport against several other low-cost carriers. In response to these low-cost carriers, American Airlines reduced its price and increased service on selected routes. As a result, one of the low-cost carriers stopped service, which led American Airlines to increase its price.

● Why do you think a lawsuit was filed against American Airlines? 

● Why do you think American Airlines prevailed at trial?

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