Please read all attachments this is a lengthy difficult assignment.


Please read all attachments this is a lengthy difficult assignment. It includes excel regressions and a paper. Attached is a sample project. I have been assigned to compare Wool vs Cotton. Make sure you understand completely. 

 The Group Course Project will consist of an estimation and in-depth analysis of a demand function for one industry/product selected by the group. (Wool vs. Cotton) The assignment  is expected to: 1. Collect relevant information and raw data on consumption, prices and income for the selected product/industry. [See examples on BB.] 2. Use regression analysis, quantitative techniques, and economic tools to estimate a demand function for the selected product or industry. 3. Use the regression results to assess the industry, reach conclusions and make recommendations to improve the economic performance and future direction of the industry.    The final report will have the following basic format: 

  1. Executive summary
  2. Introduction with goals and objectives.
  3. Review of existing literature
  4. Analytical and Empirical Frameworks
  5. Data Set description.
  6. Results and Discussion
  7. Conclusions and recommendations

The original person did not complete I need this soon and will compensate well. 

These are the links to be used for the project.

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