At the end of each module I will ask you

At the end of each module I will ask you to reflect on your work and your reading and use the following questions as a guide for your discussion: (See the syllabus for what to think about when answering these questions. This will be a discussion of free-expression based on your reflections.
What have I done here?
What have I learned from what I have done here?
What will I do differently from what I have learned here?
What will I tell others about what I have learned here? 


Module 3 Learning Objectives

  • To understand why organizations are changing in terms of their approaches to diversity.
  • To understand the implications to the business case for diversity.
  • To explore some of the models for understanding organizational diversity.
  • To learn how to evaluate an organization’s diversity programs and progress. 


Keywords & Concepts

Please familiarize yourself with the following keywords and concepts:

  • Inclusion
  • Human Capital
  • The 3 Ethical Theories (p. 281 Harvey and Allard)


Module 3 Reading Assignments

  • Harvey and Allard:
    • Section IV: Understanding The Secondary Dimensions of Diversity: Social Class, Religion, Appearance/Weight, Language/Communication, and Military Service
    • Section V: Managing Diversity in Terms of the Ethical, Legal, Media, and Marketing Issues
  • Coyle: Skill #3 Establish Purpose

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