Question for Discussion #5 – The Good Life Another philosophical

 Question for Discussion #5 – The Good Life

Another philosophical movement during the Hellenistic Period were the Hedonists. The Hedonists (such as Aristippus (Links to an external site.))  argued that living a good life means experiencing as much pleasure as possible. One must be smart about this and be careful not to leap on a source of pleasure that will lead to long-term harm. Still, Aristippus believed that one should always seek pleasure at all times.

the link to the external site


Discuss how Epicurus or Epictetus would react to Hedonism, and how this philosopher will define a “good life”.

Discussion Assignments have the following objectives:

  1. Identify and describe key concepts presented in textbook reading material, video lectures, and other assigned content.
  2. Draw connections between assigned content material and practical areas of interest.
  3. Explore ideas in philosophical depth beyond the presentation of course material.
  4. Draw connections between philosophical discourse and one’s practical life.
  5. Engage in respectful philosophical conversation.
    1. This objective will be measured according to replies posted to other students or to professors.

When completing discussion assignments, please remember:

  • Your main post should take a minimum of 300 words. Explain and support what you say.
  • Any sources that you use must – including textbook and video lectures – be cited and referenced responsibly. APA style
  • You should post at least two substantial replies to other participants.
  • Please refer to the syllabus and grading rubric for more guidance.



3 additional peer-reviewed sources

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