Here is the feedback from the instructor. Please make the

 Here is the feedback from the instructor. Please make the corrections she is asking and re-submit paper. I have attached the paper again.

Well done with introducing the poem in your first paragraph by mentioning the author and title of the poem in a sentence. You also include an engaging quotation, though a citation tag should be included after it. In the citation tags throughout the paper, after MacKay’s last name and the year, also include the line number. 

Your thesis is well stated and you identify specific literary elements such as the theme theme as expressed through imagery and symbolism. 

It seems that several of the quotations are placed at the end of the paragraphs. It would be good to place them more in the middle of a paragraph so that they have some follow up discussion after them. It would be good to add a sentence or so after them to wrap up the paragraph as well. 

A references page should be included at the end of the paper. 

Overall, I think you’ve done an excellent job of analyzing the poem. 

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