The coursework is ONLY for all students. 50 points, submit

  1. The coursework is ONLY for all students. 50 points, submit one report file with five referred papers/articles on Blackboard by June 20.
    Late submission is accepted, but with 10% points off if submitted within 24 hours after the due time; 20% points off if submitted 24-48 hours after the due time; no credit if submitted two or more days after the due time.

    • Submit 5 files, respectively: your report (a Word or pdf file) and 4 references (pdf files). Do NOT compress them to a single file.
    • Format requirements are the same as for assignment report. 
    • Read at least four recent papers/articles on cloud computing related topics (can include the reference using for the written “Assignment”, and have at most ONE to be review/survey paper/article. 
    • Write a 10-page (double spaced, font size 10) review paper integrating and expanding the selected research paper subjects with the course topics.
    • This will not be a paper report (to review the references), rather a thoughtful discussion of the research papers content pertaining to the material we have covered in the course. 
    • Papers and articles from IEEE Transactions on Computers, and the Communications of the ACM; or other journals or proceedings approved by the instructor. 
    • One example for review/survey article,
    1. M. Shahin, M. Ali Babar and L. Zhu, “Continuous Integration, Delivery and Deployment: A Systematic Review on Approaches, Tools, Challenges and Practices,” in IEEE Access, vol. 5, pp. 3909-3943, 2017.
    2. One example of non review/survey reference paper/article,
    3. D. Gonzales, J. M. Kaplan, E. Saltzman, Z. Winkelman and D. Woods, “Cloud-Trust—a Security Assessment Model for Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS) Clouds,” in IEEE Transactions on Cloud Computing, vol. 5, no. 3, pp. 523-536, 1 July-Sept. 2017.
    4. Continuous Integration Delivery and Deployment.pdf

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