Instructions Each thread must be at least 250 words and


Each thread must be at least 250 words and demonstrate course-related knowledge. In addition to the thread, you must reply at least 2 other classmates’ threads. Each reply must be at least 150 words. Both your thread and replies must be supported with biblical or scholarly support. In addition to 2 well-supported replies to your classmates’ threads, you must respond to at least 1 reply on your initial thread, which is not only courteous, but also generates a natural conversation in the discussion forums.

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Using case and activity diagrams, briefly describe which one is best for  your environment and state why. Also, research a biblical account and  create a short Activity Diagram for it. Post your response as an  attachment with your comments.

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According to” Based on Metamodels of Activity Diagram. Modelling and Simulation in Engineering” UML defines several types of diagrams to view the dynamic aspects of a system. One of these diagram types is the activity diagram [5] which is used in this work to document the workflow in a system.  “An activity Diagram resembles a horizontal flowchart that shows the  actions and events as they occur. Activity Diagrams show the order in  which the action take place and identify the outcomes”. (Tilley,2016) I  work with a ticketing system and activity diagram will help explain what  happens from the time a certain kind of ticket is placed and the  outcome of the ticket.  In this example I will use an employee who is  request a password reset. I have attached a word doc with my activity  diagram for the password reset and my biblical activity diagram.

The  bible story I want to use is coming from Genesis 6,7, When God saw all  the wickedness of man was great he said he will destroy man. Noah found  grace in the eyes of the lord. God told Noah to build an ark he gave him  the precise measurement how many floors he wanted what type of wood to  use and where to place the windows in the ark.  Who were to go in the  ark with him down to what type of animals.  The Flood came it rain for  forty day and forty name the earth was destroyed all except the ark and  the people and animals in it.

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As someone who currently works at Walmart for a summer job, the  use case diagram fits the environment the best. There are many different  positions such as a cashier, a stocker, a manager, a janitor, and an  order filler. Because all of these positions are working together and  performing different actions to ultimately reach the same goal (to  satisfy the customer), the use case diagram provides an accurate  depiction of the work environment. This use case diagram allows for  multiple different roles to be outlined, rather than an activity diagram  representing the flow of just one activity. 

For the example from the Bible, I chose Jesus feeding the 5000.  This is a good example of an activity diagram because there were events  that led up to the miracle, but the crowd of 5000 could have not trusted  in Jesus. If they had not trusted that he could feed them with a few  loaves of barley bread and two small fish, they would have been starving  and they would not have witnessed Jesus perform a miracle.

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