For this Assignment, you will conduct your own search to


For this Assignment, you will conduct your own search to find one diversity theory (Critical race theory) . Then you will describe how the critical race theory impacts the way you view diversity, inclusion, and equity, as well as your ongoing research for the DSW capstone project.

Submit a 2- to 3-page paper that addresses the following:

  • Overview: Provide a brief overview of the theory, including your reasons for selecting the theory for deeper investigation instead of other potential theories.
  • History: Provide an overview of the major historical developments of this theory and explain their significance. Consider the following:
    • How did the theory emerge in the  intellectual landscape?
    • What was the critical research that led to this theory’s acceptance in the professional and/or academic  communities?
    • What additional research molded and shaped this theory over time? In other words, what new information  emerged by using this theory in additional research or practice?
  • Key Concepts: Describe the key concepts of this theory and explain how they support the use of this theory in research and practice.
  • Connection to Diversity: Explain why you think this theory is classified as a theory of diversity. Use the Learning Resources and concepts you have been exploring in the course to date, as      well as additional peer-reviewed literature, to support your explanation.
  • Socialization and Research: Describe how this theory either guides or does not guide you to raise your consciousness of your own socialization. How does this impact your research for your DSW capstone project?

APA FORMAT: Every bullet bolded in black needs a header. A conclusion of the entire paper at the end. Reference page APA FORMAT. All information provided needs to be included throughout the paper. 

I Choose Critical Theory because it would be useful with trying to understand mental health in the prison system and the role of diversity in the prison system.  

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