Use the same company as before (Kroger), what is this


Use the same company as before (Kroger), what is this company’s stock price, the P/E ratio, Beta, and EPS ratio. Does your stock pay dividends? If they do, what were the last dividend per share and the dividend yield? What do these numbers tell us (analyze the numbers)? How is the company doing compared to the market if the market’s beta is 1 and the current S&P 500 P/E ratio is 37.24*? How many stocks are outstanding for your company?  What is the latest news regarding the stock? How did Covid affect their performance (price/return)? Do they have any preferred stock?  What is your recommendation in regard to this stock (Buy/Sell) and why? Answer all questions. 2-3 pages double spaced. MUST BE ON KROGER COMPANY AND MUST ANSWER EACH QUESTION.

Make sure to cite your sources.

Use this website for reference  * 

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