Unit: Reflective Educators & Mastery Demonstration 5-10 page reflection, outside

 Unit:  Reflective Educators & Mastery Demonstration 

  5-10 page reflection, outside of the  title and reference pages 

The AIU School of Education has established the following programmatic learning outcomes (PLOs):

  • Outcome 1: Analyze research findings to respond to  academic, physical, social, and cultural differences in educating  students, and recommend method modifications based on research results.  
  • Outcome 2: Design educational programs that  effectively address objectives, integrating the appropriate use of  various instructional media and technologies for learning.  
  • Outcome 3: Develop educational programs that  use the appropriate criteria for selecting curricular content,  organization of content, and methods of curriculum evaluation.  
  • Outcome 4: Create a plan for the implementation of learning content in various educational settings.  
  • Outcome 5: Evaluate the opportunities and  challenges involved in the organizational development and delivery of  learning programs using formative and summative instruments.  
  • using leadership and management strategies.  
  • Outcome 7: Demonstrate advanced, discipline-appropriate communication skills in written and presentation formats. 

Over the course of your graduate degree, you have been provided with  opportunities to develop and master these outcomes throughout numerous  assessment projects. For this assignment, you must reflect on the work  that you have completed and how you have demonstrated mastery of each  learning outcome.

In an APA-formatted paper, address each of the seven PLOs, and  identify which assignment submission you have made throughout the  program best illustrates your mastery level of the PLO and why you feel  your work demonstrates graduate-level competency. Include any direct  quotes from your own work or from your faculty grading feedback that  might strengthen your defense of your mastery, but be sure to cite  yourself (and others, if needed) according to APA requirements. Note  that in your discussion, it may also be appropriate to identify the  areas that you have had to put forth more effort in to develop these  outcomes or the pathways that you may continue to explore to further  develop these skill sets.

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