Topic: Santa Barbara Community College Faculty unions may have a

 Topic: Santa Barbara Community College

Faculty unions may have a direct impact on the governance of a community college.

In your answer post:

  • Consider your college’s faculty union status:
    • If your college has a faculty union, discuss the impact it has on college decision making, finances, and mission accomplishment. If any, what influence does it have on decisions of the faculty senate? What role does the faculty union or any union play with the election of board members?
    • If the college does not have a faculty union, does it have an organization that influences decision making by the administration and board on issues of salary and work environment?
  • Evaluate the influence a faculty union—or the absence thereof—has on mission accomplishment.
  • Find out if your college has ever experienced a vote of no confidence on the CEO. What was the outcome and institutional consequences of such action?

Reminder: Length does not equal strength. Effective posts are brief and to the point. Consider your post to be an executive brief and keep it under 500 words, if possible.

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