Topic: Literature Review Objective: You have chosen an area in


Literature Review


You have chosen an area in your field of interest in Assignment-1. You are willing to address a challenge or solve a problem in that area. But how do you ensure that nobody else has not already presented the same idea? That is why you need to review research articles. You should read a number of articles where from you will accomplish the following:

a. Know better about the challenge/issue you are working on.

b. Learn how other researchers/experts have addressed such challenge/issue. Critique their works.

c. Focus your work on specific proposal.


A couple of research articles are posted in the module. In addition, do a research on the applications, challenges and issues with security systems. Then choose one article in your field of interest which is current. Read and review it thoroughly and then submit a report of 5 pages and single-spaced. Format the writing nicely for smooth reading. You can divide the writing in sections with headings.

The report should explain the following:

a. Main topic of the article

b. Challenges/issues/problems/limitations addressed in the article

c. Proposal/contribution of the article in terms of potential solutions or development proposed

d. Comment of the merit of the article

e. Comment on how you see the future of the field would be

5 pages

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