To create a mission statement for a family child care


To create a mission statement for a family child care program and to evaluate your mission statement.

You have decided to open a family child care program. Before you can write your business plan and seek financial backing, you need a strong mission statement that reflects your program’s central philosophy and core values. For each core value, write a value statement to provide an overview of the type of care you are going to offer.

Focus Assignment: 50 points

Write a 1-page (full page) mission statement for the family child care program that includes your program’s central philosophy on how children learn and five to seven core values that each has at least one value statement. 

Self Reflection: 50 points

  1. 1. For each part of your mission statement, explain how this addresses the issues in the scenario (40 points).
  2. A minimum of two In-text citations to justify your explanation. (10 points).

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