Instructions Further develop your Crisis Communication Plan by updating it


Further develop your Crisis Communication Plan by updating it according to the top Natural hazard facing Bobsville as identified in your Hazard Vulnerability Assessment that you developed in EDMG101. (If you have not taken EDMG101 you may use this sample.)

Your ~1-2 page updates to the Crisis Communication Plan should have:

Pregathered Information regarding your hazard

  • Key Messages
    • Website
    • Social Media
    • Traditional Media
    • Possible Trick Questions
    • Known Local Prodromes
    • Use the description of Bobsville for existing information, and create any details necessary to create your plan that is not already in the description.


As part of integrating with Bobsville’s Crisis Management Plan/Emergency Operations Plan begun in EDMG220 that you have been developing in each course, develop 1 page maximum Incident Specific Annex on Winter Storms.

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