20 points. This is the third async technical discussions. Students

20 points. This is the third async technical discussions. Students

  1. do not allow to delete or edit own published post.
  2. do not allow file attachments
  3. must create a thread in order to view other threads in this forum.
  4. can subscribe to threads, but not the forum as a whole.

After watch the AWSome Day (on demand event), each student should

  1. create ONE thread to discuss 1-2 points you have learned from the corresponding module(s), listing the module numbe, by Thursday, June 3. Suggest to use your chosen topic(s) as the thread subject.
  2. write the discussion based on your own understanding. 
  3. consider which topics/services/modules you are most interested in and learned, which ones are most challenged or difficult to follow.
  4. follow up at least 2 responses to others’ threads by Sunday, June 6.
  5. have minimal 3 posts, 1 original post and 2 follow-up posts, for credits.

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