Watch this short 4:00 min video and write a 4


Watch this short 4:00 min video and write a 4 page case study ensuring to answer the (5) questions below. Ensure to follow the instructions below.

The video you will view (link above) is an opening scene from the movie “Jerry Maguire.” In this scene, the character played by Tom Cruise is having doubts about the ethical issues in the sports representation business. In an impulsive moment, he decides to write a new mission statement for his company. In this document, Jerry Maguire argues that the priority of the company should be more on relationships with the athletes they represent, and less concern for the money and financial gains. When he enters the office the next day, his reception from fellow employees is applause, but he is soon fired by his supervisor for writing and distributing the new mission statement. How could he have used power and conflict resolution differently? In the attempt to exercise leadership, did he seem to experience strong feelings of vulnerability?


Write a 4-page case analysis in which you respond to the following questions.

1. How did his attempt at leadership and creating the new mission statement create conflict with his supervisor?

2. How was the “focus on people, less on money” priority not compatible with the values of the company and most of the sports representative who worked there?

3. Discuss the following statement. Visions, missions, and strategies must align with the leadership and culture of an organization.

4. If you were in Jerry Maguire’s position, how would you have attempted to create the changes he desired? How would you have managed the potential conflicts that could result from a new mission in the company?

5. What is the analysis of power in this example?


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