Proposal for Applied Project Choose one of four Project #1 – For

Proposal for Applied Project

Choose one of four

Project #1 – For those students that have a web-design background or coding/low-coding skills (Java, etc.). A consulting firm is looking to revamp their website for 2021 (main page and sub-pages). Content will be given to you and you will need to work with the client to re-design the website and its portals. You will be introduced to a variety of design working sessions with the client and develop web page prototypes, QA, and launch of the new website for its branding. You will be introduced to online applications like Squarespace and some online web design tools. 


Project #2 – I have a specialized Asian supermarket chain that is looking to develop a “drop-ship”, online sales supply chain order using a list of their international grocery products. You will need to 1) data and market research the most highly sought after grocery products to be listed 2) set up and configure either a Shopify or Aliexpress (or both) to be completed within 3 months timeframe. Scope of project includes – product and research selection, order processing, online store design, checkout/payments integration, and launch. 


Project #3 – An Artificial Intelligence firm is looking to source various data to develop future models to be added into their pipeline as a SaaS (Software-as-a-Service). The goal of this project is to mine the various structured/un-structured data sets that are available (free or paid). You will then come up with a few prototype proof of concept models based on your research and hypothesis and turn these PoCs into product design and implementation. 


Project #4 – An events management organization is looking to develop a: 1) mobile application for their app store and 2) create a marketing plan / outreach for their members/prospects. This project will expand on revenue sources and also compile a CRM-like (Customer relationship management) like product for both internal and external usage. You will need experience in Application design, mobile design, etc.

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