Instructions reply to at least one classmate's thesis statement in no


reply to at least one classmate’s thesis statement in no fewer than 75 words.

Thoughtful response to a classmate’s post that responds to their questions/comments

Thesis Statement: Some people might argue industries are great for the world, here are the reasons why they are not, industries create air pollution, can also cause health disadvantages, and they are damaging our wildlife.

I chose to write about the effects industries have on our human life. Technology has been expanding, which is great but unfortunately that means causing damage to our environment and our health. Industries are the one number cause for air pollution along with destruction to our wildlife. Earth now has less and less plant life since numerous of factories are being built on those lands. My argumentative essay is to convince our human race that industries are not what our world needs when it comes to the dependent variables it produces. A question I have for my peers is how would you like to be convinced? What catches your attention when reading an article or paper that you feel heart warmed about?

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