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Title: Learning PlanIntroduction
Implement a plan that supports developmental growthThe Assignment 1.Begin by identifying your target child needs from the anecdotal record assignment, reference to the NC Foundations of Early Learning and Development (NC FELD) ver=2017-05-16-105950-953 booklet for your goal (be sure to write the goal and developmental indicator continuum.
2.Create a developmentally appropriate lesson plan 
3.Use the attached forms to complete the plans.Grading CriteriaThe summary is graded on a 100 point scale
Maximum points are given as follows (see the attached rubric for specific details)

  1. 0-10 points for given the child’s name, age, date, and time
  2. 0-10 points for materials and supplies that support learning
  3. 0 – 10 points for listing specific Developmental Indicators
  4. 0-10 points Group Time, Story Time, Small Group Activity are developmentally appropriate and supports learning.
  5. 0-10 points for goals listed from NC Foundations for Early Learning and Development.
  6. 0-10 points Planning Form materials list is complete and items support learning.
  7. 0-10 points activities support the Goals and Developmental Indicators listed.
  8. 0-10 points for Extension activities that are appropriate and detailed.
  9. 0-10 points for 3 open-ended questions that support deeper learning.
  10. 0-10 points for spelling and grammar.

ResourcesSee sample forms under Resources>Useful Links for this Class>Lesson Planning Assistance.Use the attached document to complete your assignment. Link to NC Foundations for Early Learning and Development NCFELDTo Submit 
Complete the assignment using Word and attach the files to the assignment link in Blackboard by clicking on Browse my Computer and attach file.

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