Please read the attached paper on the messaging system called

Please read the attached paper on the messaging system called Kafka.  Then look at the Conclusions and ideas for future work.  I want you to write a report on how messaging systems work, and I want the report to contain a case study of Kafka and how it handles the problems which is mentioned  in distributed systems such as consensus, fault tolerance, replication, consistency, and partitions.  In the section on future directions, give your ideas on how streaming could be added to Kafka based on the concepts of stream processing and Kafka.

You do not have to write a program, but you must show in your paper that you understand deeply the ideas of a messaging system and Kafka.  For example, you might contrast Kafka with another common messaging system if that will help you explain the ideas of Kafka.  Then you must demonstrate that you know how stream processing works and the steps you would take to add streaming to Kafka.  In short, you must write this report as if you were applying for a research position at a company that worked on Kafka for a job implementing streaming in Kafka. Explain the problems involved due to the limitations of distributed systems and what approach you would take to engineer around those limitations.

Need atleast 5 pages with plagarism report attached

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