Below you will find several essay questions.  Write two essays.


Below you will find several essay questions.  Write two essays.  Use as much detail as possible and answer every part of the question

Choose and write two essays from several choices given answering every part of the question.

You are telling me a story, and going into depth and detail.

1.Write an essay on the encroachment on Native American land was an ongoing process in attempts to civilize the entire North American Continent. Write an essay discussing this process and the notable Native Americans who are considered the founding persons of the United States. How did they each make a difference in their own way? Discuss their struggles against the status quo, established norms of the time.  What hardships did they face? Give as much detail as possible to answer the question.

2. Discuss life in Massachusetts Bay Colony during the Seventeenth century.

3. Based on lecture, the film “Washington the Warrior,” and your textbook reading, write an essay describing the early career of George Washington as relates to his role as emissary and during the French and Indian War.  What did he learn during those years? How would you compare his early military career with his later career as a General in the American War of Independence? 

4. Write an essay about how the Enlightenment in Europe influenced the rise of national consciousness in the 13 American colonies. Discuss the various authors and their publications in shaping public opinion in the North American colonies. How was the printing press important in facilitating the dissemination of information.

5. What caused the American Revolution? Describe the causes—economic, religious, social and intellectual—that drove the Revolution.  What were the key events from 1763 on that played a major role? Discuss various women’s Roles, Native Americans, Portuguese, and those more marginalized in society Explain the competing ideas and ideologies that led to Revolution. Was the Revolution inevitable, or could it have been avo

6. Discuss the life of Thomas Jefferson as you have known it thus far in the study of this course. Discuss his conflict personally and politically with John Adams. What were some of the major accomplishments of his life and presidency? What was his political blunder? In what ways was Jefferson’s public life and private life a contradiction?  Who is Sally Hemings and how does Jefferson respond when confronted with the Sally Hemings affair? Do you think a President should be accountable to the American public for actions in their private life? Give as much detail as possible to support your essay.

7. Discuss the reasons for the War of 1812. Why did it happen? What was the outcome? How can we relate the burning of the Capitol and White House then to the events of January 6, and the attack on the U.S. Capitol January 6, 2021?

8. Discuss the role of Andrew Jackson in this war. Who was Tecumseh and what role did he play in the War of 1812? Give as much detail as possible to support your essay

9. Discuss the Presidency of Andrew Jackson and Jacksonianism. What were the personal scandals associated with his election and presidency? What were the Bank Wars? Give as much detail as possible to support your essay.

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