1)What are Banc-Zero’s credit policies 2)What type of clients are they

1)What are Banc-Zero’s credit policies

2)What type of clients are they trying to attract?

3)What are Banc-Zero’s risks in the Currency Swap with Company A?

4)Describe the difference between the over counter derivatives and standardized traded derivatives?

5)Describe how BancZero uses derivatives in its trading and asset/liability management operations

6)What is the role of Banc-Zero’s Risk Management Group and who is the head of the group?

7)To demonstrate your understanding of the new product approval process you need to examine and comment on: Figure 2-The New Product Approval; Figure 3-New Products Manager; Figure 5- Mexico City Office Organizational Structure

8)There are some specific risks associated with currency swaps such as exchange rate risk, rate of interest changed risk, and credit risk.

9)How could BancZero hedge some of the risks with Company A and what are the limitations of doing so in the Mexican Market?

10)What will be Banc-Zero’s compensation (fees, etc.) if it were to do the swap with Company A?

11)Who are Fernando Manzanilla and Ricardo Eliozondo?

12)What are some of the things that must take place before the swap project is approved?

13)Describe the problem with Banc-Zero’s pricing and valuation model and the swap project?

14)What were the results of the “stress test”?

15)What will be the problems in modifying the product to meet the current stress test standards? What about changing the stress test standards?

16)What is the concern of Fernando Manzanillaj with the results of the stress test?

17)Assume that you are the Head of Risk Management in New York: would you approve this product? Give detailed reasons for your answer.

18)How would you improve Banc-Zero’s process for new products? How would you change the sequence of activities?

19)What Have I Learned from this Case?

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