O.K., here’s the scenario…Late one evening, while on a Caribbean


O.K., here’s the scenario…Late one evening, while on a Caribbean cruise, you go to the top deck to clear your head after a few Pina Coladas. You lean a bit too far over the railing, lose your balance and fall into the ocean. No one hears your screams and the ship sails on without you. You swim until you lose consciousness. When you awaken, you’re lying in the sand on a deserted island. You have nothing in your pockets. In fact, you’re naked. You’ve lost everything. This island has no natives, hostile or not. Robinson Crusoe had Friday,, but you do not. Only animals, fish and fowl indigenous to a tropical climate inhabit the land and sea. There is tropical vegetation but no running water, lakes or streams. Salt water surrounds you. There is nothing man-made here. Tom Hanks had his volleyball Wilson, but you have only your wits to survive and, if you choose, devise a rescue plan. Don’t try build a boat, though. It’s too risky because of the shark-infested waters.

This is where your essay begins. The detail in the previous paragraph is not part of the action and can only be remembered. How will you make the best of the situation? How will you deal with such problems as food, water, wind, rain, sun, ravenous animals, shelter, clothing, hunting/fishing implements, time telling, recreation, rescue devices and any other making-do challenges you can solve. Don’t write about all of these scenarios, however. Choose three or four to develop. 

Your 800-word typed essay must be double-spaced, creatively titled, and written as a first-person narrative. As always, use MLA heading and page numbering.       

Have fun letting those creative juices flow while using your practical reasoning skills.

P.S. At the end of the narrative, you are still on the island. Focus only on your coping talents. Logic is your only defense. Suicide is not an option. Neither is natural or accidental death 

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