For this week’s assignment, you’ll need to read and respond

For this week’s assignment, you’ll need to read and respond to at least two other students’ essays and provide them feedback. These responses must include the Peer Review rubric. Use the rubric to provide constructive feedback, incorporating specific, positive remarks as well as helpful suggestions so your peer can see you genuinely evaluated their rough draft. 

Additional Instructions:

  • Select at least one essay      which has only one or no responses so everyone has a chance to receive      feedback.
  • Focus primarily on      content, not grammar, spelling, punctuation, or format. If you point out      errors, give examples from the paper so the writer knows where to      look. 

Here is a link to the Peer Review Rubric to utilize in your feedback: Peer  Review  Ru­­­­­­bric

Provide an overall conclusion and impression of your peer’s paper.  What did your peer do right? What could they improve?  This should include recommendations and constructive comments to help your peer improve.

This week we will be undergoing the Peer Review process. This process is important because it allows us to gain insight from other perspectives (as well as allow us to give insight). For this week’s discussion, your initial post will consist of your Week 6 Rough draft (which you should submit in Week 6 after you’ve submitted your rough draft to your instructor). You will need to respond to at least two of your fellow student’s rough drafts as well. There are two key things to remember when doing this: Try not to give one sentence answers, but instead provide positive feedback as well as constructive criticism. Remember that the idea is to support your classmates’ and let them know what they are doing well and what could be improved (but make sure to avoid negativity). Also, focus on the larger issues with the essay (content, structure, organization, use of sources, arguments, thesis, etc.) rather than smaller issues like editing or proofreading.

Must be 150 words. Also see attachment to complete assignment

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