Based on the video above; and, on page 126 of

Based on the video above; and, on page 126 of the book, “IN THE NEWS” the actual President of the United States claimed that the out-sourcing of jobs has to be ended. Please answer the following questions:

What are the differences between out-sourcing and in-sourcing?

Which of the two, in-sourcing or out-sourcing the United States Administration has favored up to the present. (Please compare with the previous administration)

Imagine that you are an economist working as a policy maker in the United State Administration. Which of the two situations would you advocate? What would it be your advice about the impact of out-sourcing (or in-sourcing) on the country Gross Domestic Product ? Why?


Paper must be between 500-650 words.

MLA format required – All sources of information should be cited, including text or videos. Direct definitions, phrases, and ideas should be quoted as well as cited.

Plagiarism in any form is unacceptable and will result in a zero for this assignment.

You will only be allowed to submit accepted file types (.doc, .docx).

The assignment drop box is opened until the due date. You have an additional week after that to turn it in late for reduced score.


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