The performance appraisal has the value of helping employees see

The performance appraisal has the value of helping employees see and understand how they are doing in their positions, it also encourages managers to spend time with and evaluate, their employees, and helps employees and managers create a development plan for future growth.

However, performance appraisals are often not taken seriously by organizations. Many employers find that taking the time out of their already busy schedules to be a wasted effort. They put off conducting the review until it is absolutely required, and then do not provide adequate time to conduct effectively. Many managers and supervisors are not equipped (trained) to conduct a performance appraisal. They often do not spend quality time preparing for and then going over the review; or they do not provide the employee opportunities to be involved; or they do not provide the attitude that they believe it is worth the managers’ time. In this discussion, you will have the opportunity to explore some of the pitfalls associated with conducting performance appraisals.

For your initial post, address the following:

  • Explain the two main benefits of performance appraisal 
  • Explain why you think employee appraisal programs fail, supporting your answer with reference to the lesson’s readings or personal experience and anecdotal evidence
  • Evaluate the impact that performance appraisals have on an organization
  • Identify any potential legal issues associated with performance appraisals 

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