It is illegal in the United States to pay for

It is illegal in the United States to pay for a transplant organ, and doctors cannot perform a transplant operation unless the patient is at the top of the official list. However, some wealthy people in need of a kidney transplant go overseas to other countries where the laws are not enforced strictly. Suppose a wealthy person finds a poor person willing to sell his or her kidney and then purchases the kidney. What do you think of this? If the poor person is willing, is there any harm in it? Why does the United States prohibit the sale of organs when other countries look the other way?


The idea of being able to buy organ may seem like just the thing that matches to how this county run one more benefit for the rich. The issue comes from the fact that the rich would start to see poor people one more thing they can buy more then they think this now, if they need organs, they could find any number of poor to agree to it and most likely they would need inform the poor person of the risks because many poor are not well educated as well (not all but enough. This would allow the rich to just find what they needed and take it from the poor without them getting what the organ is worth. So, there is a lot of harm for the poor and how they would be seen even more the risk to non-poor is there as well let’s say someone rich as a rare blood type or something they could find someone that has what they need and drive that person into poverty or into a desperate situation using their wealth. The reason that this is not allowed is because people want to think of themselves as good even when they are not and this law shows that we don’t think of people as something that can be brought and sold, but just like it said the rich go to places that do this because people are by their nature self-centered and in many cases, this is what we would see as evil.

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