Introduction Have you ever wondered how all the items arrive on


Have you ever wondered how all the items arrive on your table fresh, presented and cooked correctly at the correct time? If you think about this it can be a complex pathway from farm to table, from distributor to your food and beverage operation.

This discussion will focus on how technology has had a positive or negative effect on the flow of food and beverage products through the food service operation, the basics of purchasing, receiving, storing and issuing food and beverage items, and how technology now plays an important part of this vital operation.

You are employed as a store manager in a large hotel complex. Procedures for purchasing, receiving and storing commodities can rely too heavily on modern technology.

  • Why is purchasing, receiving and storage of commodities important to a large hotel?
  • Discuss how technology has benefited this important part of the food service industry in a positive or negative way.
  • Also comment on environmental concerns you would take into account concerning current trends and sustainable practices.


 Discussions require one original essay post (minimum 300 words) 

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