Assignment 3: Presentation – Post your submission in the designated area

Assignment 3: Presentation – Post your submission in the designated area of the Week 9 Assignment Folder 

Address the following questions:

  • Describe how employee benefits fit into the total compensation function
  • Identify the varieties of internal and external information that organizations consider when planning a benefits program. Which pieces of information do you believe are most important to this planning process? Least important? Explain your answers.
  • Organizations possess limited budgets to fund employee benefits. Identify ways that employers can control the costs of employee benefits. 
  • From an employee’s perspective, which employee benefits practices should be funded? Which employee benefits are dispensable? Now respond to these questions as a organizational representative. Explain your answers
  • Provide suggestions to lessen the entitlement mentality among employees toward employee benefits.

You can think about this assignment as a “term paper,” however, you will present the project in a Microsoft PowerPoint format with Talking Points displayed in the note section of each PowerPoint slide. Upload the presentation onto Blackboard. Do not email the instructor the submission.

  • The final PowerPoint project [not a paper] should be approximately 10-15 slides in length, excluding a cover page.
  • A reference section should be included at the end of the presentation
  • A minimum of 5 credible references should support your presentation.

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