After reading "The Nature of the Beast", reviewing the info

 After reading “The Nature of the Beast”, reviewing the info on the NCTC’s website, including the opening statement of Director Miller before the US House of Representatives Committee on Homeland Security this past fall, and reading the NCTC 2011 Report on Terrorism, let’s talk about how these fit together in defining terrorism and identifying the threats.    Compare and contrast the information provided in these three sources.   Do they all seem to agree on the definition of terrorism?   What about the threats posed?  Were the threats mentioned in the 2011 report also a consideration based on Director Miller’s statement before the House?   Does the information in this week’s readings change your views based on what you read last week related to the threat posed by international and/or domestic terrorism?   Don’t cover all these questions in your initial post.   Just get some discussion started and let others weigh in on your thoughts.

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