Submit an academic paper using APA style and formatting that

Submit an academic paper using APA style and formatting that is 2,100 to 2,800 words long and details a plan for implementing the social media or other solutions outlined in the proposal from Week 3. Students should:

**This is for a made up company called TechTron Technohies**

  • Briefly review each problem and the proposed solution(s).
  • Thoroughly describe the proposed technologies in terms of:
    • Cost
    • Perceived benefits or drawbacks for employees
    • Perceived benefits or drawbacks for the organization
    • Training needs
    • Timeline for implementation
  • Construct strategies for implementation that will be most effective:
    • How will the change be communicated to stakeholders? What messaging should be used?
    • How will resistance to implementation be managed or overcome?
    • How will the success or failure of the project be evaluated?
    • How will you protect the rights of a diverse workforce?
  • Predict possible problems that might be encountered during implementation.

Students should utilize feedback from the instructor and classmates to develop this paper. By this point in the course, they should synthesize the theory, research, and their own knowledge of the organizational structure and culture into a practical implementation plan.

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