Prepare an individual report demonstrating that you a) understand  the

  1. Prepare an individual report demonstrating that you a) understand  the key ideas presented in the assigned and recommended readings for  Week 1 and b) can analyze critically the extent to which they are  applicable at General Dynamics. Your report  should be 1000 words and must cite supporting evidence from the  readings. Your report should be double-spaced  and use APA format. The title page, reference list, and any appendices  are not included in this suggested word count. NO ABSTRACT IS REQUIRED 
  2. The questions your report must address are: What business  model does your company use? What is your organization’s vision and  mission? What objective evidence is there that your organization’s  vision, mission, and objectives is helping it gain a sustainable  competitive advantageOnly briefly touch on what  objective evidence, using the Three Tests of a Winning Strategy, is  there that your organization’s vision, mission, and objectives support  its strategy? (We will address the three tests in more detail later) Be  sure to introduce your argument, explain your understanding of key  terms, present your reasoning, and include independently verifiable  supporting evidence.

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