Instructions To receive the full scores (five points), you should (1)


To receive the full scores (five points), you should (1) post your answer to the topic question with supporting details (four points), and (2) critically engage with other classmates (one point). The scores will be decided based on the quality of your arguments (relevancy, persuasiveness, and creativeness) and comments (relevancy and persuasiveness). 


  1. Is there a “better” theory? How can we know that?
  • Question: We have examined the brief disciplinary history of IR and how different theoretical perspectives in the discipline have evolved. Based on what you read and studied, do you think there is such a thing as a “better” theory? If you believe so, please suggest the standard we should use in evaluating a theory. If you do not think so, please explain how we can know which theory we should use in understanding the complex world. Make sure to refer to at least two readings from Week 1.
  • Assignment:
    • Compare and contrast how different ontological and epistemological stances on theory will lead to divergent standards in evaluating the value of a theory (CLO 1)

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