Unit V – Collage Unit V – CollageIn this unit, you will


Unit V – Collage

Unit V – CollageIn this unit, you will be making a collage. I have some tips for you below: – Gather your materials before you start. The assignment requires a minimum of 5 visual items or source materials. Examples may include newspapers, magazines, advertisements, colored papers, your own drawings, photographs, etc. I recommend gathering a bit more than you need so you have options as you make your image.- This collage should be made by hand, as opposed to using a digital program to automatically cut and assemble it. Pic Collage (or other similar program) generated images are not acceptable.- Think abstractly! There is no reason this collage has to look hyper realistic. And the reality is, collages by nature are somewhat abstract. –  Your collage should use your source materials to create a new image that is more than a sum of its parts. Your image should have layered source material that has been cut, torn or altered beyond rectilinear forms to create new forms and meaning. There are four questions to be answered on the worksheet. I’m looking for 3-5 sentences for each question. Answer each thoroughly and descriptively. Please feel free to reach out with any questions you may have! Prof. Moore 

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