Hi dear, Would you help me to finish this assignment with


Hi dear,

Would you help me to finish this assignment with good quality and be on time please?

I hope some of you are watching the Congress vote on impeachment. Remember you are living in a very history time and this is something that all individuals should learn about our government and system.

I would offer anyone who wants to watch at least portion of this impeachment process and submits at least 1 page write up of what you learned about the process and the constitution. 

We will be learning about the 14th amendment during the last week of the course which will also be discussed in Congress over the next few days. 

You can google any links to view the hearings. Here’s one for NPR – https://www.whqr.org/post/live-npr-coverage-house-votes-impeach-president-trump-second-time-video#stream/0

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