PROMPT 1) Using the GILBERT book: Extraordinary a new way


PROMPT 1) Using the GILBERT book: Extraordinary a new way of thinking Relationships about human interactions second edition by Roberta M.Gilbert, M.D

  • Choose ONE paragraph from chapters 2-6, choosing material that is familiar to you in ways you understand families often respond to challenges:
    • Name the chapter and title of the chapter. (IE: chapter 2, conflict):
    • CHAPTER number and CHAPTER title here:  Chapter 1: Relationships we live in ( please review attachment)
    • Provide A DIRECT QUOTE with chapter and page numbers from the GILBERT BOOK. This DIRECT QUOTE IS REQUIRED as your first paragraph.
    • Add paragraph 1 here:

PROMPT 2) After you have provided the direct quote/paragraph 1, discuss in a FULL paragraph of at least 7 complete sentences, your own understanding  of the chapter topic,  what makes sense to you about this chapter topic and material and also what is confounding/confusing/perplexing to you. DO NOT UNDER ANY CIRCUMSTANCES PROVIDE PERSONAL INFORMATION ABOUT YOUR OWN FAMILY IN TERMS OF NAMES, ETC (

  • Add paragraph two here :

PROMPT 3) Discuss in a full paragraph of at least 5-7 sentences, one challenge that families might face/confront/experience when this pattern might be utilized.

  • For example, in some families, members seem to cope with challenges by focusing their attention on doing too much for one family member (This is called over/under functioning) .
    • Using your choice of chapter material/topic (conflict, distance, cutoff, over/underfunctioning, triangles), describe in detail what you might see families do when they are facing a challenge
    • Discuss how you understand that particular behavior/action.
  • UNDER NO CIRCUMSTANCES provide PERSONAL, DETAILED INFORMATION about your own family, names, etc 
  • Add paragraph 3 here:

PROMPT 4) In summation, using any material you have read up through chapter 6, explain in a paragraph of at least 7 sentences, how using a BOWEN THEORY perspective,  as explained in the GILBERT book might assist family members approach family challenges in a different and more constructive way.

  • Provide 1 (one) direct quote from the GILBERT book–chosen from the beginning  of the book through the end of chapter 6–to support what you write in your paragraph. Remember, a direct quote with the page number after the quote from GILBERT is REQUIRED in this paragraph. 
    • Include in this paragraph how you could utilize this information to assist you in having more beneficial relationships.
    • Add paragraph 4 here:

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