Are recent U.S. Supreme Court rulings consistent with the Founding

Are recent U.S. Supreme Court rulings consistent with the Founding Fathers’ intentions for the First Amendment’s Establishment Clause, and what role does the common phrase “separation of church and state” play in political discourse related to constitutional interpretation? Include in your discussion whether and/or to what extent separation of church and state is consistent with biblical principles. Historical, legal and academic sources are appropriate sources for this assignment. Popular sources or advocacy publications may be used sparingly to convey opposing sides in the contemporary debate, but do not count toward your required number of sources.

locate 1 example of opinion writing and 1 example of objective, analytical writing about the research question you have chosen to examine during this course. Blog posts are generally good sources of opinion writing and will be accepted for the purposes of this assignment; peer-reviewed academic or professional journal articles are recommended sources for objective, analytical writing. Thoroughly compare and contrast the selected articles and explain what characteristics differentiate the opinion writing from the objective/analytical writing. Provide examples and/or brief quotations that illustrate your analysis. In your conclusion, discuss the extent to which these articles reflect the search for insight in light of Solomon’s encouragement in Proverbs 2:1-11. Remember to provide a complete Reference list of sources/articles.

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