Are recent U.S. Supreme Court rulings consistent with the Founding

Are recent U.S. Supreme Court rulings consistent with the Founding Fathers’ intentions for the First Amendment’s Establishment Clause, and what role does the common phrase “separation of church and state” play in political discourse related to constitutional interpretation? Include in your discussion whether and/or to what extent separation of church and state is consistent with biblical principles. Historical, legal and academic sources are appropriate sources for this assignment. Popular sources or advocacy publications may be used sparingly to convey opposing sides in the contemporary debate, but do not count toward your required number of sources.

For this assignment, you will write the final draft of a comprehensive research paper demonstrating the skills and knowledge developed in this course. The final draft must address grading feedback concerning any weaknesses in the initial draft, and it must include an Abstract (placed between the title page and the paper body) and conclusion paragraph.  The final paper must be 8–10 pages, excluding the title and reference pages. At least 10 scholarly sources are required. Formatting must follow current Turabian Author-Date style.

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