Read the Case Study “Blake Electronics” at the end of

 Read the Case Study “Blake Electronics” at the end of chapter 3. Let’s let the quantitative analysis stay at home for this exercise and use your qualitative skills instead. After reading the case study text, give me your best analysis of the decision making process at Blake Electronics. I don’t need a “great work” or “terrible” reply from you. Don’t rewrite what is in the case, and please do not quote from it. What I would like you to do is to think about the company and tell me your assessment of how they make decisions. Stock or pat answers will get you nowhere. I suggest that you first type your response in a Word document so that you can spell and grammar check it. Also, please don’t copy someone else’s thoughts on this subject. You are submitting this through a SimCheck site, and it will catch plagiarism. Give me about 200 words (about half a page of text) about how you perceive the inner decision workings of Blake Electronics. No outside articles or journals or collaborations. Just plain old basic observation. 

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