Part 1: Post a Response Which one of the strategies listed below


Part 1: Post a Response

Which one of the strategies listed below do you believe will best  help you prepare to deliver your introductory speech in an online  environment? Thoroughly explain how your chosen strategy will benefit  you as you prepare to deliver your recorded online speech. 

  • Ask your family and friends to listen and provide constructive criticism.
  • Consider (analyze) your audience.
  • Time your speech and be certain it meets the assignment’s guidelines.

Respond to Classmate post below 5-7 sentences 


Hello class and Professor:

For this week’s discussion I chose the first option. I would  always have my family and friends listen to my speech and provide  constructive criticism before recording my speech because they may  notice things that I don’t. My grandmother calls this looking for the  outside in. You can give a speech and think you have done an amazing job  in your own opinion but there are things that people listening may  notice about your speech that you don’t. The criticism that they give  back allows you to see the things that they see that you need to work on  in order to make your speech better. I accept all criticism, whether  it’s good or bad. It’s to give you ideas on what should be worked on to  make something the way it should be. Thank you for this week’s  discussion. I really enjoyed it. 

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