Create a title/cover page. Include on the cover page the name


  1. Create a title/cover page.
  2. Include on the cover page the name and link of the funding source (identified in Week 2). Inclusion of the title on the cover page is optional for this submission.  
  3. Make sure to clearly identify the funding source as private or public. This information will indicate to the instructor which proposal format you have chosen.
  4. Instructors reserve the right to not grade any submissions without the private or public designation information included.
  5. Confirm inclusion of all required elements (found in the table above) for the type of proposal being submitted (private or public).  
  6. Verify accuracy of APA formatting. For the purposes of this assignment, please follow the guidelines of the APA 7th Edition Student Paper Checklist.
  7. Make sure to use APA formatted heading and subheadings throughout the document.
  8. After final review of the grading rubric, please upload the completed document into the assignment link.

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