1.  Worship write up- Perhaps the best way to understand

1.  Worship write up Perhaps the best way to understand Christian beliefs is to examine believers in worship settings.  Find three services to observe taken from the list belowYou must use different ministries for each of the five services, so you can’t watch Tony Evans for all five.  Please search the internet (or television if you have access to a Christian channel) and observe three of the following: ‘The Alternative’ with Tony Evans; ‘Elevation Church’ with Steven Furtick; ‘In Touch’ with Charles Stanley; ‘Living Proof’ with Beth Moore; ‘Moody Church Hour’ with Erwin Lutzer; ‘The Potter’s Touch’ with T. D. Jakes; or ‘Powerpoint’ with Jack Graham. (Some will have video, others will just have audio. You must listen/watch a minimum of 25 minutes of each electronic ministry.)

You may find you like all or none of them. In either case, report on each of the services in a document that devotes a minimum of 300 words to each worship event. (The write-up for this entire assignment totals 900 words so each observations that you create should be about the length of these instructions to meet the word requirement.) Include what you observed taking place and what was said as well as critical reflection assessing your perspective on that event. (Negative assessments are just as welcome as positive ones.) Include the most memorable moment (if any) and/or the part of service that deserves most criticism (if any). Include detail on event such as place and date. Copy each internet address and paste it in your report.

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