Write about 500 words on the following three points.  Please number your answers to they correspond to the questions so we can grade it easily (points deducted if this is not done).

  1. First — what is the title of the article you chose and who is the author
  2. What did you learned that was new?  Discuss at least two significant DETAILS.  Be explicit.  Show us you really read.  
  3. Describe how the story made you feel as you read it.  Again, be specific.  
  4. Explain how you think race shaped the experience of the author AND how do you think race (experience being racialized) shaped your response to the story if at all.
  5. Discuss how information from this course has shaped how you received the information in the story (or how can you connect this to other readings in this course).
  6. Optional but highly encouraged– comment on a peer’s post.  

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