For this Discussion/Posting #5, you will answer the following questions


For this Discussion/Posting #5, you will answer the following questions in relation to the posted Snapshot #5 MTV’s “White People” video for this week.

Here are my parameters (which will help guide you in terms of what I am looking for):

*Your Initial Post (you have to answer questions in an initial posting on every discussion):  This should be 250 words single-spaced.


Please answer the following questions.

  • What key insights did you gain about prejudice, prejudgment, difference, race, and whiteness from this video?
  • What comments, reactions, and or experiences in the video surprised you the most?
  • What can we do with the information presented in this video?
  • How can we improve intercultural interactions amongst one another? What role can we each play?  
  • How might a focus on the “individual” or the de-racialization of everything make matters worse?  
  • How do we reach common ground while also understanding that there will be differences amongst all of us?

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