Assignment: Part 1 In this assignment, you are the professor and

Assignment: Part 1

In this assignment, you are the professor and you will be creating a PPT presentation for students that outlines the differences between the following:

  • Peer-reviewed journals
  • A primary source
  • A secondary source

Include in the notes section of the PowerPoint at least 200 words covering how you would explain the use and purpose of each item. For example, use who, what, when, where, and how to approach and explain each item as it applies to the peer-reviewed journals, the primary sources, and a secondary source.

 Assignment: Part 2

Include a problem statement with a maximum of 250 words, including the points below that are from the dissertation template, for a topic that interests you.

Begin with “The problem to be addressed by this study is…” This statement should logically flow from the introduction and clearly identify the problem to be addressed by the study.

  • Succinctly discuss the problem and provide evidence of its existence.
  • Identify who is impacted by the problem (e.g., individuals, organizations, industries, or society),
  • Explain what is not known that should be known about it
  • Explain what the potential negative consequences could be if the problem is not addressed in this study
  • Remember to source the information and source assertions with citations of current, scholarly works from the literature

Length: 7 slides with a minimum of 200 words in the notes of the PPT

References:  Include a minimum of five (5) scholarly resources.

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