After consideration of your proposal from Wk 1, the WeLoveVideo,


After consideration of your proposal from Wk 1, the WeLoveVideo, Inc. CIO is having a hard time envisioning how the project would be executed based on your recommendations. She has asked your company to develop a project plan in both waterfall and Agile, so she can better understand the implications to her team.

Using Microsoft® Excel®, or Project® (optional) ― develop two milestone-level project plans: one using the waterfall and one using Agile SDLC.

The milestones should demonstrate a clear understanding of the inputs and outputs for each phase of a project, based upon the SDLC applied. At minimum, there should be a clear milestone at the end of each project phase and potentially milestones within phases where applicable. Ensure each project plan incorporates comprehensive SDLC phases based on each SDLC type.

Submit your assignment.

Faculty Note:

1. A milestone level project plan focuses on important deliverables or achievements, not individual tasks.   

2. The key point for this assignment is not to come up with as many milestones as possible, (keep it to 10-15), but to demonstrate that you understand how both project plans look differently.

3. Remember, use of Microsoft Project is optional, you should use Microsoft Excel. A project plan is phase, task, duration and assignment (who). The rest of the visual information is not needed.

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