In conclusion, telehealth is an essential concept in the field of medicine, and it allows practitioners to provide quality medical services to their clients.

Telehealth refers to the provision of medical care to affected individuals through an online platform. Here, a medical practitioner uses telecommunication facilities to offer services to patients. Telehealth is achieved in both patient, and the practitioner must be connected to excellent telecommunication facilities to ensure that communication is expertly made the information provided in part one of the assignment outline how inequalities in the health sector exist. For instance, people from a specific gender or race may suffer from a particular illness or infection, and this may consider discrimination has given their living conditions and status. An excellent example in this scenario is where kids within slum areas suffer from diarrhea and other waterborne illnesses due to them living in poor sanitary conditions. Telehealth, therefore, aims at bridging this gap and promote equity even in the health world. This way, an expert can offer his/her services through telehealth to the affected and under-privileged populations.

My telehealth effort will entail the use of websites and social media sites to provide people with health advice and services. The creation of a professional website will be essential to achieve functional telehealth. The website will contain information about my practice, the areas I specialize in, and the services I offer. It will also provide a message, call, and email icons, which will allow individuals to contact me for medical services directly. Since many people are connected to the internet, they can utilize the internet to access the website and, thus, acquire health services comfortably without having to travel to distant places while seeking medication. Social media sites and SMS functions will also be utilized in my telehealth efforts. They will be done to cater for the rural and poor populations that cannot access the internet and the website. Through providing a toll-free SMS number, patients will be able to send messages about their concerns, and this will allow me to provide sound advice to them. This way, my telehealth services will be provided to a larger population (including the rich and the sick individuals). They will also allow me to offer quality telehealth services.

To determine if the information presented was understood, the telehealth information will provide in straightforward terms that can be easily understood by ordinary individuals. They will include breaking down medical conditions into simple language that can be understood by non-medical individuals. The information will also provide to a client, and he/she will be requested to state whether he/she understood the whole information well. They will also be asked to state their concerns (either through the mail, messages, or phone calls) and questions, which will then addressed accordingly. Where possible (for instance, on the website), graphic images will be used in passing out information. They will enhance understanding because visual signs can be interpreted well alongside wordings and explanations. In offering telehealth services, the practitioner will continue to work closely with the clients throughout the medical plan. They will enhance a better understanding of information and, where clarity is required, the practitioner will be able to provide sound advice. Feedback from the clients about the services offered will also note. They will allow telehealth service providers to gauge whether the information provided was or was not understood. From this feedback, improvements will be made

Various resources will be needed while offering telehealth services. First, a working office will be required. Although providing services through telecommunication facilities, a practitioner will require a physical office to operate well and have all his/her equipment stored safely (away from dust, damage, and theft scenarios). Technological resources required include phones, computers, carts, power backups, and internet services, and software (the University of Arkansas for Medical Sciences, 2019). They will allow a practitioner to set up a functional telehealth facility and also offer services even during power shortages (as there will be power backups such as generators). Functioning internet service is necessary to promote service provisioning in an online platform. Telehealth services will be accessed by various individuals (people of a different race, ethnicity, and countries), interpreters will be required to ensure that the telehealth service doesn’t cause further discrimination due to communication barriers. Where possible, translators will also be employed, and this will ease the provision of services.

Since I will not be face to face with the clients, I will make up by first providing them with quality services, which will fill the gap of not meeting face to face. The provision of quality care will ensure that clients gain excellent services for their time spent in the telehealth platforms. I will also set up Skype and video call accounts that will at least provide clients with a face to face feeling during consultations (Goodridge&Marciniuk, 2016). This service, however, will be provided for urgent cases that can’t be solved by explanations through mails and messages. For instance, when a client fails to understand what is required of them, video calls and Skype will allow for demonstrations, which will then enhance understanding.

In conclusion, telehealth is an essential concept in the field of medicine, and it allows practitioners to provide quality medical services to their clients. Since telemedicine is done on an online platform, some of the resources required include phones, computers, internet services, power backups, and a functional working office to handle all these equipment. It is important to provide simple and understandable information to clients to ensure that they follow instructions and administer medication as required. Without clarity, telehealth wouldn’t be of much help. Feedback from clients should be taken seriously as this will allow practitioners to gauge whether the services being offered are quality, and the clients also understand the information given. To fill the void of not having face to face interactions with clients, practitioners can, once in a while, hold video calls with clients, especially during pressing cases.

You will do a presentation to the class on your telehealth effort. This presentation will be at least 10 minutes and not more than 15 minutes. You should provide the information from part 2 along with a short demonstration of your telehealth effort.


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